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Will Short Human Hair Wigs Suit My Face Shape?

A Guide to Short Human Hair Wigs

short human hair wigs

Buying a new wig is the perfect time for self-reinvention but if you are like the many of us who have rocked the same hairstyle for years, how do you know if a new style will suit your face shape? The higher quality wigs often come with a higher price tag and with that comes more pressure to choose the right wig for you. Here we will discuss which face shapes suit short human hair wigs and which don’t. 

Round Face

What is a Round Face?

If you have a round face, your face width and face length are almost the same and you’ll find that your widest at your cheeks.

Best Wig Style

A round face is extremely versatile when it comes to complementing wig styles, your face will suit mid-length, long and short styles. The most complementary of them all (and a little daring) are short human hair wigs, but when we say short, we mean short. Look for a human hair wig with a little bit of texture this way you can easily rough it up for a casual yet sparky look or flatten it down for the sleek and ‘doll-like’ look. Short human hair wigs are easy to maintain and will show that you have a little edge to you, take the plunge today and express your true colours!

Heart Face

What is a Heart Face?

A heart face resembles are rounded triangular shape, your forehead is seen as the most prominent feature and your face narrows down. Most heart faces tend to have a slightly pointy chin.

Best Wig Style

A heart face suits long human hair wigs most of all however there are many celebrities rocking the short or mid-length look so it just depends on how you’re feeling. Choosing a longer style makes your face look narrower and longer however a short, spiky look will make you look more dynamic and pixie like. If you do choose to go down the longer route then a way, layered look will complement your facial features the best, drawing attention away from the wider forehead and making your face appear more oval.

Oval Face

What is an Oval Face?

This is seen as the ideal face shape, although we don’t have much choice in choosing our face shape. You have a slightly wider forehead and your face gradually tapers towards your chin. You also have quite prominent cheekbones.

Best Wig Style

As the oval is considered the ideal face shape, you pretty much have your pick over which wig styles to choose however there are a few key things to consider. Firstly your face is seen as ideal because of the ration which is 2:3, meaning your face width is roughly a third less than your face length, why is this important? Having hair loosely by both sides of your face which make your facial shape appear oblong and a lot narrower than it is, to avoid over-crowding your face try tucking one side of hair behind your ear. As your face is slightly longer than it is wide, a fringe will easily even it out and make your forehead appear much shorter. Another thing to remember is that your face shape is perfect for up-dos so experiment with different hair pieces!

Long Face

What is a Long Face?

Your face is elongated from your forehead to your chin and gradually tapers, some with a long face often have a prominent chin.

Best Wig Style

By having a longer face, you are initially seeking width from a hair style. Wig styles you would suit best would be loose curls such as this Meredith Luxury Lace Wig. Making sure your cheekbones are complemented by wide curls will ensure your face appears rounder and softer. However if you are more used to a straighter look then opt for a heat resistant wig, this way you can trial run curls and if you find that you are still not keen on them then you can go back to the straight look.

Square Face

What is a Square Face?

You have a strong, defined facial shape with a square jawline as your most prominent facial feature. You find that your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width.

Best Wig Style

A square face may not sound the most exotic but it is fantastic for hair styles. Short human hair wigs like the Ellen Willie design will draw attention away from your jawline and emphasize your cheekbones instead! Alternatively if short isn’t really your thing, a mid-length wig with feathered layers will soften your facial features and prevent the eye from noticing any sharp corners.

Diamond Face

What is a Diamond Face?

Your face is highly angular and somewhat bony. The diamond is not a very common face shape in comparison to the others. Those with a diamond face find that their widest facial feature is their temples.

Best Wig Style

As diamond faced people tend to have a very angular and distinct face, the most suited wig would be a long human hair wig. Choose to go down the sleek yet layered route make your temples are narrower however be aware that a sleek, straight look may look a little severe so have a look at a wig style which has a few layers within it. A long curly or wavy wig will also complement your face and really make your cheekbones pop! If you are unsure about which one to choose, you could try a heat resistant wig, this way you can style your hair differently and test it out for yourself.



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