What is a Monofilament Wig?

The Monofilament wig is one of the most popular construction types in wigs due to them featuring a quality design which looks both elegant and is long lasting. Monofilament wigs often provide the illusion of natural hair growth and still allows for multidirectional styling. The Monofilament wig will allow your skin to breath throughout daily […]

lace front wigs

How to Wear Lace Front Wigs

Are Lace Front Wigs the Right Choice for Me?   Lace Front Wigs have been popular on the big screen for decades because of their natural appearance however they also carried a price hefty price tag. However in recent years, there are more and more Lace Front Wigs widely available and affordable for many which […]

hairpieces for women

Hairpieces for Women

What are Hairpieces for Women? Thinking that Hairpieces for Women is just another way of saying a wig is a common misconception. Hairpieces for Women are great accessories to transform your wig. There are a wide range of Hairpieces for Women on the market including hair extensions, scrunchies and ponytails. As we all know some […]