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Wigs: How to Protect your Hair this Winter

Cold and blustery weather: a wig-wearer’s nemesis. With winter fast approaching, it’s time to show your wig that extra bit of TLC to keep it looking fabulous time after time. Whether you’ve opted for a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, winter weather can sap away its vitality, leaving it damaged, brittle and broken. So, what can you do to keep that wig ‘WOW’ this winter? Our 4-step guide reveals all.

  1. Keep it moisturised

Stop the cold in its tracks by keeping your hair ultra-luxurious and moisturised. The best way to do this? Use wig-specific hair-care products, avoid using hot water, wash less-condition more and use a fibre oil conditioner. Fibre oil conditioners help prolong the life of wigs and hairpieces alike with just a few simple sprays. With each light sprinkling, the conditioning oil sinks into the hair fibres and prevents them from drying up, leaving your hair gloriously rejuvenated.

In general, wig care guidelines are the same regardless of whether you have a synthetic (made from man-made fibres produced to look and feel like real hair) or a human hair wig. When preparing to wash your wig, there are six easy steps to follow: comb, soak, shampoo, condition, pat dry, protect.

Conditioning top tips:

  • Apply conditioner to damp hair
  • Work a small amount of the conditioner through the hair gently using your fingertips
  • Avoid conditioning the wig cap


  1. Cover up or put it up

Another way to protect your hair against the cold and wind is to cover it up in a fashionable, yet practical piece of headwear for hair loss. Headwear is the perfect companion to wigs during the colder months as they help to keep your head warm and toasty while shielding your wig from the harsh winter weather. At Simply Wigs we have a range of stunning autumn and winter headwear to choose from, including the ultra-warm and gorgeous Elan Hat from the Ellen Wille Latifa collection.

If headwear isn’t your thing, styling your hair into a cute up do will also help to shield it from harm.

Protect Hair


  1. Try to avoid styling your hair with heat

It’s always fun to straighten, curl, crimp and style our hair. However, introducing intense heat to your wig on a regular basis, especially during winter, can be damaging. Our ultimate guide to wig styling tells you all you need to know about styling your hair, including an explanation on why you should never use heat to style a synthetic wig.

hair styling


  1. Opt for a cropped wig or pixie cut

Steph, a fellow ‘lover of all things wiggy’, while commenting on how long a wig will last, recommended investing in a shorter-style wig for everyday use as the fibres will be exposed to less stress, invariably helping the wig to last longer.

short hair


If you would like any other advice or information on any of our wigs or wig care products, contact our super-friendly and very knowledgeable team who are always on hand to help you find the right wig for you.


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