Snoezelen is a controlled multi-sensory environment which creates a soothing and stimulating space for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, dementia or brain injury. Snoezelen has many terms such as Multi-Sensory Room or MSE (Multi-Sensory Environment). 

This type of therapy is used as it is more relaxed, interactive and less vocal which appeals to those who it would be harder to communicate with. The main objective of creating a Snoezelen is that it is a form of communication, expression for the client and an opportunity to build a relationship between the client and caregiver.


How to Create a Snoezelen

Rooms are designed to appeal to a variety of senses by including lighting effects, sound, touch and visual stimulation. Snoezelen rooms can vary in sizes depending on your free space, you can have a corner dedicated to Snoezelen, a room or multiple rooms. Products are available to suit all size and pricing needs.  These spaces encourage clients to express themselves by being in control of the items, it creates a safe environment for learning and comfort.

The use of lighting stimulates the visual system. Lighting can include a fireball, fibre optics, projectors which are available with various shapes and effects wheels or LED Bubble Tubes. Bubble Tubes come in a range of colours and sizes whilst providing lighting, they are also a very visual item.

To create a calming and relaxing atmosphere you can include music which acts as a therapy within itself or DVD’s to appeal to a wide range of senses. Music therapy and smell such as aromatherapy products stimulate the auditory, olfactory, and gustatory systems.

Soft play items should be introduced to stimulate the tactile system. Including soft play is a great way to encourage communication and interaction; ball pools, puzzles and infinity tunnels are perfect examples of products to include. Tactile discs are engaging and can improve a wide range of skills including gross motor skills.

calming_sensory_room snoezelen

There is no standard Snoezelen as everybody is different and reacts to various forms of therapy. At Experia, they provide a free 3D Room Design so you can create the perfect Snoezelen tailored to benefit your needs. For more information visit Experia or call 0800 612 6077 today.

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