The Monofilament wig is one of the most popular construction types in wigs due to them featuring a quality design which looks both elegant and is long lasting. Monofilament wigs often provide the illusion of natural hair growth and still allows for multidirectional styling. The Monofilament wig will allow your skin to breath throughout daily wear as well as being soft against the scalp. Simply Wigs offer a range of Monofilament wigs that allow individual hairs to be hand tied to the construction of the cap one strand at a time. Simply Wigs offer a large range of human hair and synthetic wigs as well as a range of hair pieces and headwear.

Main Benefits of Monofilament Wigs

The Monofilament wigs are ideal for people who have lost their hair from medical treatments such as chemotherapy of illnesses such as alopecia. The monofilament caps are known to be softer on a sensitive scalp and they also allow for more ventilation between the scalp and the wig. This wig type is the most natural and the mesh cap blends well into your scalp meaning the wig is hard to detect. The overall construction and look of the Monofilament wig allows for the most natural finish and is among the most popular wig choices. Due to popular demand the Monofilament wig is available is a range of styles, colours and textures.

What Monofilament Wigs are Available

Simply Wigs supply over 400 styles of Monofilament wigs. Ranging from short and blonde to long and curly. Here are some of the most popular choices:

The Code Mono Wig Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection is a straight, razor cut style that is known for its modern style. Featuring a left parting, the hand tied wig creates the impression of natural hair growing from the scalp.

Code Mono Wig Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection

The Touch Wig Ellen Wille Perucci Collection will provide you with a naturally ‘dried look’ that is a very current look for the summer. The Monofilament wig has straightened layers at the top leading in to gorgeously relaxed curls that help create a relaxed look.

Touch Wig Ellen Wille Perucci Collection

The Flip Mono Wig Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection features an 8 cm fringe which sits at brow level and has been delicately thinned out to prevent the chance of the wig sitting heavily on the forehead. This Monofilament wig also features a lace front which ensures that the wig looks completely natural.

Flip Mono Wig Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection

Monofilament wigs are specially designed for those with severe or total hair loss. The Monofilament wigs can be brushed, curled and parted without revealing the fact that it is a wig. In addition some monofilament wigs have 10 to 20% excess hair to allow for trimming and customisation. Visit Simply Wigs today to view a range of natural wigs.

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