Our Authors

All our authors are passionate about writing and a healthy lifestyle, keen to give you the help, advice and information you need to keep you at your healthiest.


sophie-authorSophie studied at Leeds Metropolitan University where she gained a First Class Honours Degree in English Literature.

Sophie carefully researches her work to create interesting and inspiring articles which bring real value and advice for a healthier you.

When she’s not at work, Sophie enjoys going to gigs and baking sweet treats. Her speciality, carrot cake, would give Mary Berry a run for her money.



Saf loves to flex her fingers and craft some great content for our clients on a day to day basis. Perfecting the art of ‘less is more’, her snappy social updates almost always include a bad pun and an emoji or two.

Saf also loves a good natter and loves to reach out to the right people to build mutually beneficial relationships.




Carl loves to work with words, and is often found swamped with notepads, post-its and coffee. He is a stickler for detail, and ensures that everything is perfect.


Carl finds talking to people to be the best way to get creative ideas flowing, and relishes opportunities for outreach and networking.