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Are Lace Front Wigs the Right Choice for Me?

lace front wigs


Lace Front Wigs have been popular on the big screen for decades because of their natural appearance however they also carried a price hefty price tag. However in recent years, there are more and more Lace Front Wigs widely available and affordable for many which is great news for wig wearers everywhere. How to wear Lace Front Wigs is the question on everybody’s lips because the aim is to get them to look as natural as possible whilst remaining easy to put on. To create the ultimate lace front wig guide, we have researched and researched so you can sit back, read and hopefully feel like putting on a lace front wig will be like a piece of cake, because it is!

Benefits of Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs have a sense of elegance about them. The front of the wig is delicate and can be adapted to the users needs and desired style whilst the back of them are hard-wearing and long lasting making them a perfect choice for all wig wearers. One of the greatest things about Lace Front Wigs is that you can style them away from your face.

With traditional wigs you may have felt like you need one with a fringe or side parting because the reality is that a wig will always look like a wig, right? Wrong, the delicate hand tied lace front wig is constructed of fine, sheer material which mimics the natural growth of the hair line, some Lace Front Wigs even come with baby hairs or stray hairs so they look even more realistic.

How to Cut a Lace Front Wig

Lace Front Wigs can come in a range of designs and this is not in relation to colour or length but the design of the lace. Designs include pre-cut, uncut and partly cut. A pre-cut design is ready to wear so if you want a hassle free, straight out the door style or you’re just a little unsure about your cutting skills then opt for the pre-cut.

Uncut or partly cut designs are something to be aware of because when delivered you may think that it’s an unfinished wig. With these designs the lace front will be visible, this allows you to customise the wig to design your hairline. A general rule of thumb is to cut as close to the wig hairline as you can so that you can’t see any additional lace, this will give you the natural hairline which you desire.

model - lace front wigs

How to Put on a Lace Front Wig

Step 1.

Tie your natural hair up but not into a bun because with a wig on top it may look a little silly. Small twists or plaits are best for tying up the hair. If you hair is on the short side then simply pin it back around your hair. Keeping your hair controlled and clipped will make it easier for you to put on your wig.

Step 2.wig-cap lace front wigs

Place your wig cap over all of your hair. Ensure that every strand of hair is tucked into the cap so take your time. Work clockwise from the front to make sure you’re all packed in or alternatively ask a friend or family member to help. Some wigs comes delivered with a wig cap however if you don’t have one, you can buy a duo pack for £2.49 here.

Step 3.

Once your hair is in the cap, gently pull your wig cap back a little so a small piece of your scalp is visible. With a small brush, comb your hair to expose your natural hairline, be sure to brush both sides of your hair line.

Step 4.

Place your lace front wig onto your head. If you can then try to match your parting with the wig parting, this will instantly make your lace front wig look like your natural hair. If the parting of the wig is in a completely different place then that can be easily corrected. Simply take your brush and brush the wig to match your natural parting, don’t worry if it looks a little odd, we will talk about the styling later.

Step 5.

You will have noticed that your wig has clips on the inside. Now you have found your desired wig placement, secure the clips to your natural hair or wig cap is this isn’t possible. At the back of your wig there is an adjustable strap so either tighten or loosen to increase your comfort. If you are concerned about movement, adding some little bobby pins will add extra security to your wig to reduce any movement.

Step 6.

Making sure the lace matches your skin tone is important because with your wig parting, you’ll want it to look as natural as possible. If you’re slightly lighter than your skin tone, a quick trick is to use a damp tea bag to dye the lace to match. Alternatively use a little make up such as concealer or foundation. Use your finger or a small brush to blend the make up in and in no time it’ll resemble your natural parting. The industry use this technique all the time!

model - lace front wigs

How to Style a Lace Front Wig

Before deciding how to style a lace front wig, you must first know if your wig is heat resistant or not. Heat resistant wigs allow you to straighten, curl and experiment with different styling techniques. If your wig is not heat resistant then please do not risk using a heating element as this will ruin the wig and could cause some serious accidents. Instead use styling products such as a mousse or a gel.

If you had trouble changing your parting in Step 4 and you have a non-resistant heat wig then by adding a little gel or mousse to your finger and gently smoothing your parting on both sides will flatten your parting and essentially restyle the area.


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