How to Donate Hair for Wigs

So, you’ve decided to take the first step, but you’re unsure how to donate hair for wigs? This helpful guide will give you a run-down of what you need to know – including finding out how long your hair has to be to donate, and where is the best place for your hair donation.

Why donate my hair?

Hair donation is a fantastic cause to be involved in. Hair loss can happen to anyone through a variety of different reasons, such as chemotherapy for cancer patients, alopecia, stress and anxiety.

Donating your hair can be a great way to help people affected by hair loss, and wigs can give people huge amounts of confidence. We’ve heard some brilliant stories recently, like this Macmillan fundraiser from Sarah, and we’d really encourage you to get involved if you’re thinking about donating.

Many wig-making companies have got a proud tradition of supporting charities through fundraising and raising awareness. If you’re having cancer treatment yourself and are looking for advice on wigs, then check this Simply Wigs guide is perfect for you. If instead you’re looking for some ideas for related fundraising, there’s the nationwide-famous Muddy Run for Cancer Research UK in the summer months, or it’s worth even have a scroll through this blog archive to see the full range of charitable work that surrounds the hair and wig industry.

Your hair donation can give someone much better confidence

What are the requirement for hair donation?

It’s well worth knowing the ins-and-outs of how to donate your hair – we want to make sure that your hair fits the needs of the receiver. Different places have different standards, but generally speaking these are widely applicable:

  • Hair is usually donated in a ponytail, tied at the ends with hair bands, in a clear resealable plastic bag
  • How long does your hair have to be to donate? Well, your ponytail donated must be over 7 inches (17cm) in length – some hair can get lost in the wig making process. Some places ask that your hair be a bit longer, so it’s best to check every time.
  • Hair must be clean and dry, and without styling products, otherwise it can get damaged
  • You can be of any gender to donate
  • Hair can be any natural colour (note that if you’re donating to a children’s charity such as The Little Princess Trust, grey hair will not be accepted). Dyed hair is fine, but not if it’s an unnatural colour such as blue or bright red.

Where is the best place to donate hair?

There are many places that would gladly take your hair donation!

We think the best place is The Little Princess Trust, who offer free wigs to children and young people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. There are many amazing stories to come out of donating hair to this great charity, such as this uplifting story of a very generous eight-year-old!

All of the information for The Little Princess Trust can be found on their website.


Your hair donation can transform someone’s life and your locks can enjoy a new lease of life as part of Simply Wigs’s human hair wigs collection!

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