hairpieces for women

What are Hairpieces for Women?

hairpieces for women

Thinking that Hairpieces for Women is just another way of saying a wig is a common misconception. Hairpieces for Women are great accessories to transform your wig. There are a wide range of Hairpieces for Women on the market including hair extensions, scrunchies and ponytails. As we all know some wigs can cost a pretty penny so if you are somebody who loves to mix up their look but can’t afford to buy multiple wigs then a hairpiece is a quick, stylish and ultimately cheap solution.

How to Buy Hairpieces for Women

If you are new to hairpieces choosing the right one for you can be a bit of a challenge. You need to know which style would best suit you, which type of attachment option you’d like and of course, the colour, because you’ll want your hairpieces to look like an extension of your hair instead of a mismatched mess.

Hair Extensions 

Unfortunately there are not been a miracle growing wig yet but we will keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, a simple solution to having longer hair is Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions can be used to give you long straight hair, long wavy hair, add instant volume or even a pop of colour to your style. There is no set length for Hair Extensions either so you can add as much or as little length as you’ll like. The wide range of Hair Extension pieces on the market come in a spectrum of colours from platinum blonde to dark chocolate so you will always be able to find the right match for you. Another advantage of using Hair Extensions is the ease of using them, simply clip in and go and enjoy your new style.hairpieces for women


Is it just us or when you hear the word scrunchy do you instantly think of those plaid material bobbles that you used to wear in school? The scrunchies that we are talking about here are not those. Scrunchy Hairpieces for Women can give you a sophisticated or casual look without having to style yourself. Simply tie you hair up in a bun or ponytail and wrap the scrunchy hairpieces around it or over it. All Scrunchy Hairpieces for Women at Simply Wigs come in a range of styles including twist, feather wrap, smooth, wavy and even a heat friendly scrunchy which is heat-resistant so you are able to straighten, curl or wave the hairpiece if you fancy experimenting with your style.

hairpieces for women


Long, short, curly, straight, there really are Ponytails to suit every woman’s needs. The thought of attaching a ponytail may bring up concerns about seeing the join or clip and whether the ponytail will actually be secure because you don’t want it to fall out or move position throughout the day. Thankfully you can put your concerns at rest, all Ponytails from Simply Wigs are cleverly designed to disguise the join between your hair and the ponytails leaving you with a realistic effect. Adding a ponytail to your look is super easy, all you need to do is either use the combs or clips and you’re ready to go. There are wavy, straight, layered or sleek ponytails available from as low as £15 so adding your ponytail will not only enhance your style but is an affordable option for all.

hairpieces for women

Different Attachments for Hairpieces for Women

Butterfly, Claw, Crocodile, Pressure and Banana Clips are just some of the attachments that your hairpiece may come with so what is the difference between them all and is one style clip best suited for you? Overall all clip Hairpieces for Women do the same job which is to clip in your hairpiece however different types of clips can benefit you in different ways.

Butterfly Clip Hairpieces allow for a realistic look whilst being easy to attach and light to wear.  Claw Clip and Crocodile Clip Hairpieces are a strong clip designed to secure your hairpiece. They both have a spring type function which will keep you hair piece tight and locked in for all day and night with no need to worry about potential slipping.

Pressure Clips are a thin style attachment so when clipped in, the hairpiece will lie flat against your head. Pressure Clips are most common in hair extensions but are also used on ponytail and fringe hairpieces. Banana Clip Hairpieces are essentially a hybrid of the comb and the clip. Banana clips offer a secure clip with the added extra of the wide tooth comb making it a comfortable yet strong style of attachment.


If you have any questions regarding wig care, styles or materials, then visit Simply Wigs where they have loads of detailed information on wig buying guides and much more. Their experienced team can help you decide on which wig is best suited for you and with a host of guest writers, you can read some great personal success stories.

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