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5 Benefits of Wearing Short Wigs

Advantages of Choosing Short Wigs Over Long Wigs

The time to go short is now! Glancing through magazines and watching newly released movies and television programmes, you’ll notice that short hair is everywhere and with summer only a couple of months away there is no better time to opt for short wigs. 

1. Low Maintenance

Wearing wigs can be a bit daunting if you are new to the wig world and you’ll find that some wigs require a lot more maintenance than others. If you’re looking for a low maintenance solution then short wigs are the best choice for you. Short wigs are a lot easier to wash, care for and style making them the perfect solution for those who would like a quick and read-to-go style.

A common cause of frustration for wig wearers is getting hair in your face, eyes or tangled within your jewellery, with short wigs you will not experience this problem. The short style makes of these wigs makes it easier for the wig wearer to carry on with their usual day to day activities without having to worry about hair complications.

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2. On Trend

You may have always wondered what you’d look like with a shorter hair style and by choosing short wigs you can experience this without feeling like you have to commit with actually cutting and maintaining a short style. Short wigs are no longer a one style fits all so browse the market and see which length/style would suit your face shape best. Here’s a brief guide to choosing short wigs to suit your face shape.

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3. Weather Appropriate

With the weather starting to heat up, you’ll notice that when wearing longer wigs you are starting to feel a little hotter than usual. Short wigs allow you to keep cool no matter what the weather. If you do find that you always feel a little warm when wearing a wig, have a look at the wefted cap range, this cap construction is designed to provide good air ventilation keeping you nice and cool all day.

You may be thinking if it gets hot can’t I just tie a longer wig up? Yes you can but you may find that some of the low quality wigs on the market look a little ‘wiggy’ when pinned and tied back. We know that the main thing that wig wearers look for in wigs is the fact that it doesn’t look like a wig. Opting for short wigs for the warmer seasons enables you to enjoy the weather without having to worry about whether you’re looking ‘real’ or not.

weather-appropriate short wigs

4. Cost Effective

When browsing the web you’ll see that short wigs are often considerably cheaper than longer length wigs. Short wigs are also cheaper to maintain as they require less styling products, washing and cutting to keep in a good condition.

It is advised though that you don’t buy a cheaper wig just because it’s the cheaper alternative of the same style. A higher quality wig may be a little bit pricier but will last you a lot longer and will look more realistic. As with anything you get what you pay for so set yourself a realistic budget and search for the best short wigs within your price range.

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5. Versatile

Short wigs are just as versatile as longer length wigs despite popular belief. There is not one style of short wigs but instead hundreds so have a look around and research popular short hair styles because there will almost definitely be a wig version of that style.

Simply Wigs are our go-to when it comes to choosing high quality wigs. Their range of short length wigs include Cropped Wigs, Short Wigs, Chin Length Wigs and Bob Wigs. Just as you would when going to the hairstylist, take your time and have a look at everything there is to offer, some wigs can be a little expensive so you need to be sure before you make a purchase. Simply Wigs short wigs range boasts over 340 different wig styles including the pixie cut, bobs, asymmetrical styles and wigs with fringes.

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If you have any questions regarding wig care, styles or materials, then visit Simply Wigs where they have loads of detailed information on wig buying guides and much more. Their experienced team can help you decide on which wig is best suited for you and with a host of guest writers, you can read some great personal success stories.

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